Monday, August 9, 2010


These amazing baskets are new to us, but are certainly not new!
Vintage from the 1890's these baskets were used
for holding and shipping wool! They are all individual with
tags, labels, leather straps and some have metal frames.
We have two types, open baskets with no lids
and the tightly woven ones with lids.
We love the rustic nature of these and they are rich looking with a lot of history.
We were thinking of ways to use these fantastic baskets
(they are rather large) and thought of a few good ideas!
Line it with a linen draw string bag and use them for:

A. laundry basket
B. toy chest
C. putting linens and towels in for you and or your guests
D. putting toss pillows in it when you turn down your bed at nigh
C. use it at the pool house for lawn chair cushion storage
E. simply place a sheet of glass on top and use it as a coffee table

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